Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hall of Cuteness

The greater part of my waking hours last week were spent in the company of this little guy (and his older brother and mommy).
Oh, and Germain had the camera for part of the time, so I blame any inordinately weird shots on him.
I hesitate to use technology too readily when babysitting, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Let's just say he was being as impossible as possible.
There was a lot of grabbing for the camera going on.
The movie only held Germain's interest for so long, it appeared.  Then he got more interested in the camera.  Thus some of the next few shots.
I promise I wasn't pinching him.
They really look like brothers, don't they?  And they both look like their mommy.  In fact, the other day I saw a picture of Angèle as a school girl, and my word, is Germain the spittin' image of her!
Climbing.  That's a new thing for him.  He got lots of practice last week.  (It makes me tired just remembering him going up.  And down.  And up.  And down.)
He's gotten really fast at scooting.
I love that silly little grin.
Yes, Theo, there is a reason that bottom shelf is empty.  And you are that reason. :)
And my two favorites of the week -
Captions, people?  I'm thinking of turning this one into a meme of some sort...
I adore him.
It's ironic, I suppose...when I left CA, I kept thinking how much I was going to miss my nephews and niece (and now I have one more to miss!), and how hard it was going to be not to be around for all their growing up.  I still miss them with all my heart.

And now when I squish baby Theo's soft and chubby cheeks against my own (not-quite-as-chubby) cheeks, I think how much I'm going to miss being around for all his growing up.

It's like having pieces of your heart on two different continents.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


This is "a pinch of balance for all your cooking".
This is a cool-looking fire some guys had going in the field I can see from my window.  (Happily not right next to my building.  I can't stand the smoke and soot coming in.)
This made me so happy.  Brown rice.  I don't know that I've eaten it since I've been here.  I have seen it, but only rarely, and of course the white stuff is much cheaper.
This is because they're building right next to my building.  And when I say "right next to",  I mean literally against.  The picture was taken from my balcony, looking towards the left.
This is because safety considerations aren't as high a priority here.  (I don't know if you can tell, but back of the truck was pushing against those wires.  Gulp.)
This is in case you doubted my "safety standards aren't a priority" statement.
This was the latest (and possibly last?) package from home.  Ranch seasoning!  Dried apricots!  Peppermint mocha coffee!  Fun earrings!  I was a happy girl. :)
This is the mouse that has been hanging out in J&A's living room.  I'm going to say this at the risk of losing some very dear friends, but...I think she's kind of cute.  Not that I would want mice running around in my house, but they don't freak me out, and I do honestly think they're sort of cute.
This is what my kitchen table looks like before I start my morning language session.
This is an Obama Smoothline pen.  Tell me I'm not the only one scratching my head.
This was a scene from a Saturday morning excursion the other week.
This was when the camera decided to focus on the dusty window while we were on said excursion.  It was so. dusty. that week.  Awful, just awful. 
This is the citron man and his little wheelbarrow of local lemons.  (Tidbit: as in Spanish, French doesn't distinguish between lemons and limes - it's the same word for both.) 
This is dust...
...and more dust.  I kid you not, I swept the hall one morning around 9:00 or so, and by the time I was ready to head out for class (around 11:00), it looked like this.
This is in case any of you don't know where my oft-repeated "_____ is my one weakness" line comes from.

Larkrise is my one weakness.
Popcorn with ranch is my one weakness.
Scarves are my one weakness.
Nature walks are my one weakness.
Brownies are my one weakness.
Sunsets are my one weakness.
Mexican food is my one weakness.
Good books are my one weakness.
Pizza is my one weakness.

...Shall I stop there?