Friday, May 22, 2015

Taking It All In: The I'm-Done-with-French-Classes Party

I finished classes the last Thursday of April.  The next day, I (with the help of Benedicte) cooked up a Mexican meal and a pan of brownies, then spent the evening talking and laughing with friends.
It was wonderful.
(Except for the first few pictures, Benedicte was my official photographer for the evening.  Merci beaucoup, Benedicte!)

The menu: homemade tortillas, salsa, rice, cheese, beans and meat in enchilada sauce, brownies, and Angรจle's delicious juices.
(Auntie Tina - I had been saving my last can of enchilada sauce for a special occasion, and this was it.  Thanks again for bringing those over!  I enjoyed every one of them.)

Michi was telling the story of the charades game her young people's group played that day.  She had us nearly in stitches.

Hailah amused herself by "hiding" behind the patio door.  Sorry, girlie, we can still see you.

See that smile on my face?  I was one happy girl.  To have finally finished the program, and to have great friends around to help me celebrate...

It was a good day.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Auntie Corner

The locals -
Watching Mommy sort rice
Yeah, he's totally standing on tip-toes there.  It was so cute.
They were both so tired that day.  Also, don't they look so much like brothers?!
The youngest cutie -
Sarah said he had just eaten.  Clearly he had a very full belly...
Atta boy.  Suck those two fingers like Auntie did!
Brian called this "Malicotti scrunchy goober epic face".
(Yes, Malicotti is one of his nicknames.  A cross between Malachi and manicotti.)
Oh goodness.  Just look at those cheeks and little dimpled arms.  How could he be any cuter?!
The other Saturday, he had his first solid food (sweet potatoes) and I got to watch him eat it.
He didn't seem to know quite what to think of it.
Other Auntie news -
Theo started standing up on his own last week.  Hopefully he'll be taking some steps soon.  I've told him repeatedly that he needs to start walking before Tata Rachel goes back to the US.  I so want to be here for his first steps.
Malachi has discovered oatmeal...and eats it like a little piggy (to use my sister's words).  Also, he's been grabbing the spoon mostly with his left hand.  If he turns out to be a leftie, his Auntie Rachel and his grandpa will be very pleased.