Friday, September 15, 2017


Life is settling into a rhythm of sorts again.  The craziness of the beginning of the semester is over, work is manageable, and there are just enough new possibilities and opportunities to stretch me without overwhelming me.

For all of this, I'm very thankful.

I'm thankful for Saturday morning farmers market trips (especially when they yield $2 bunches of cut flowers) and sales on raspberries.

I'm thankful for the little place I call home, and for the space it gives me to welcome others.

I'm thankful for cheery sunflowers that feel both summery and fall-ish.

I'm thankful for another small group starting up next Tuesday, for Kayla - friend and coworker - who will be leading it with me, and for each of the ladies who will be coming.

Last semester, as I looked to the summer and beyond, I sensed it would be a new season of sorts for me.  Part of me will probably always feel a slight apprehension over new seasons and change in most any form.

Grace has eased me into this though, I realize, and I see my fears or apprehensions were unnecessary.

There are too many things to list - both past and present - that God has graciously showered on me in spite of my undeserving.

It seems to be a constant theme running through my mind these days -

He is good.  He is kind.

He was yesterday, is today, and will be tomorrow.

Thanksgiving brings peace and rest to my heart, a trust that He's got my life in His hands.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Home Sweet Home

I moved out of my little place up on third floor this summer.  The process of painting, packing, unpacking, etc., was undeniably stressful (especially the painting part).

However, I did have some really sweet friends who helped with everything from getting the paint, to painting, to hauling my worldly belongings down from third floor and up to my new second floor apartment just across the street.  I'm so very thankful for their help.  It made me feel slightly less overwhelmed.

Now that the beginning-of-the semester dust has started to settle, I'm finally getting around to giving y'all a tour of the new place.

(Which, now that I'm done with the wretched task of painting, I absolutely LOVE.)

Here are the before shots (in all their blurry, messy glory):

The living room was a very shadowy purple-gray.

The dining room was green.  I debated whether or not to keep this color, simply because I love green (it's my favorite ever), and I knew I wouldn't have the courage to pick out another green to replace it.

However, I realized that however much I might love the color green, I prefer my walls to be somewhere in the white palate, and since I was painting everywhere else anyway...

The kitchen was that same shadowy purple that the living room was.

A bathroom.  I have a bathroom.  What a happy luxury.

And after: 

The color I used was called "cotton white".  I decided it looked more like clotted cream, a fact which made me undeniably hungry for scones nearly every time I thought about it.

With the new coat (or three coats, to be more honest) of paint, the whole place feels so happy, fresh, and open.

For all the debating and agonizing and second-guessing I did between those ten shades of white, this one turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for.  I love it.

Ah...home sweet home.  I couldn't be happier with my little place, and I'm looking forward to putting it to good use to welcome others in.

Y'all should stop by.  I'll make you a cup of coffee (if that's any enticement).